Meet Kristin Miller

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Kristin and introduce to you her fabulous designs! 

"Having an opportunity to collaborate with Wimberley Glassworks is so exciting! The layers and depth of colors composed in their art art glass is inspiring to me! It has been quite fun to match up this beautiful art glass with colorful gemstones and textures in metal to make each piece a unique treasure! 

I was born in Canyon, Texas and grew up in a family that created art and crafted often. Both of my parents loved creating and some of my favorite memories as a child are the projects they would create together and most often to gibe away and brighten the lives of others. My grandmothers had a profound impact on my design process and creating through all of their impromptu lessons in cooking, sewing, ceramics, and problem solving. My faith in God and family are foundational influences in my art. I started working with metal in high school making my first jewelry pieces in art metalwork class. In college I also studied artistic metalworking and loved it! I ended up following my mother and grandmother's footsteps to become both a teacher and administrator in public education for 17 years. After several moves for my husband's job and an opportunity to focus on family- it has been a wonderful gift to have metalworking back in my front view and focus. Now, I work the metal full-time creating my own designs and enjoying the journey each project provides. I also create resin art and on occasion use it in my jewelry too! Currently I supply my jewelry to a range of clients and a growing number of galleries in the USA."

Kristin - Kristin Miller Designs