Private Group Make Your Own Glass Experience

Group Experiences are scheduled per availability from October through April. Available times are generally Friday, Saturday or Sunday 3-5pm or 5-7pm. There is a $50 per hour non-refundable fee to schedule, plus the cost of the piece per person. The per hour fee goes toward the total cost of the experience. Pieces take about 6 - 15 minutes each to make and are done one-by-one consecutively.


Choose one type of glass piece for the group to make individually. Options are pumpkins, ornaments, hearts, and trumpet flowers, varying in price. 

This is not a class to learn glassmaking which takes years, but we provide our knowledge about glass, and as much of hands-on experience as possible. We have each person do as many steps themselves throughout making the piece, and step in where needed to ensure your piece will work out. 

Depending on what piece you make, your interaction will include choosing your colors, rolling the hot glass in the color, blowing into the piece or shaping it, sitting on our glassblowing bench using a hand-held wood mold to shape, and manipulating the glass using the jacks tool. We'll finish the piece into something with lots of character. 

Your group will have access to our event space with a fridge and sink, and the demonstration viewing area. Drinking water and sodas are available for purchase, or feel free to bring non-alcoholic beverages, treats and party decor of your own. 

Glass takes 24 hours to cool, so your piece will be ready for free pickup on the following Thursday. Shipping takes an additional 5-7 days.

Contact us for more details and to make arrangements.

We're excited to have you join us!