Ring of Fire Eclipse and Cosmic Glassblowing Demos

Ring of Fire Glassblowing demos and eclipse at Wimberley Glassworks

Come watch the Ring of Fire Eclipse on October 14th for a cosmic glassblowing experience! You'll be amazed by the intense heat and skillful techniques used to shape molten glass into some interstellar forms.

We’ve got your solar glasses, parking, and the perfect spot to enjoy the full eclipse at 11:52 am. Darkened demos happen at 10:30 and 12:30. 

See our SolarRay art glass installation in the tower entry. Enjoy our art glass and lighting in the gallery and take home something special. Picnic out on our patio under the oaks as the eclipse passes by.

Get ready for a day to be blown away!

RSVP for extra giveaways. - SOLD OUT

We're sold out for extra giveaways and reserved glasses, but come anyway! We've got more first-come first-serve Solar Glasses available for $7, and everyone is entered into giveaways. 

Hope to see you!